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The Situation

The current Mosgiel pool is in dire need of replacement. Having been built in the late 1930s the pool has faithfully served the Taieri through decades of change and growth. However, it is now no longer able to cope with the demand or meet the needs of the local community. Pictured above is the recently built Selwyn Aquatic Centre in Rolleston which serves a similar area to the Taieri. Below is the current Mosgiel pool.


The Need

It is essential for our children to learn to swim. Currently schools are under intense pressure to teach children to swim and pool space is severely limited at Moana Pool. The Mosgiel Pool is too small, and only available for seven months of the year (two of those over the school summer holidays). A new aquatic complex would not only meet our aquatic needs, but it could also be built so that it could be extended into a community centre. It could become a new heart for Mosgiel–a place to connect together and enjoy a wide range of recreational activities. This project is going to be the single biggest community development in the history of Mosgiel. With your support, together we will be able to make an investment in the community that will bring returns for generations to come.

The Plan

The Taieri Community Facilities Trust has already successfully created the Memorial Gardens playground. The model we used was a community-council partnership. It is a proven model and it can work again. We believe that we can work with the council to create a new aquatic facility that is both affordable for the city and for the local community. However, we need to get the council on board and convince them to approve the new aquatic centre as part of the city’s 10-year budget. So right now we are undertaking a massive feasibility study to learn how much support and demand there is from the local community, how much we can fundraise from national funders, corporate bodies and individuals, and to come up with a design that is affordable and functional. If the council approves the project in the 10-year budget they will come back to the community to consult on specific aspects of the pool. So right now our focus is not on the detail of the new complex, but the viability of a complex. So don’t worry too much about whether it has a pirate ship or water canons. Right now, just think: do we want a new pool? There are three key areas to the presentation: community engagement, funding strategy, and design.

Community Engagement

Right now we are talking with lots of community groups (our target is to present to over 80 groups). We want to be able to prove that the community is in support of a new pool. We are working with a team of presenters and the Community Wellbeing Strategy Group to engage as many different groups from all over the community.

Funding Strategy

If we are to succeed we need a solid funding strategy. To this end, the trust has engaged the best people we know to work on the strategy. We are currently working with Compton Fundraising Group to carry out a comprehensive funding capability study. We have also engaged Irene Mosley from Results Consulting to work on the strategy. Our main sources of funding will be national funding bodies, corporate sponsorship, donations from individuals and families, and fundraising events. At this stage in the process, we do not need to do any funding, we simply need to create a strategy and expected budget for funding.


For design we have engaged the Logic Group, who are working in partnership with award-winning architects Baker-Garden and quantity surveyors Flanders-Marlow.


By December we will have completed a thorough feasibility study, ready for presentation to council. We would love you to have your name on that presentation by providing a letter or email of support or by filling out our online survey. Join our supporters list and we’ll keep you up-to-date with our progress.