Who We Are

Thanks for taking some time to learn about the Taieri Community Facilities Trust. We are group of residents that are passionate about the Taieri and who have come together to work on significant projects in the local community. Our last major project was the Memorial Gardens Playground. Starting with only $200 000, we raised enough to complete our vision for what would turn out to be a $875 000 playground. The playground is a resounding success. It is now a major attraction to Mosgiel and regularly sees significant numbers of people coming from Dunedin and beyond.

As a team we know what we are doing. We work with the best people we can possibly find, we work hard, and we get results.

Legal stuff: The Taieri Community Facilities Trust is an incorporated charitable trust board (1761406) under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 and registered charity (CC37622) under the Charities Act 2005 and can be searched on the Charitable Trusts Register at www.societies.govt.nz and Charities Register at www.charities.govt.nz.  Donations of $5 or more by individuals attract a 30% tax credit, and donations by corporations attract a tax deduction.”


davidGPatron: Professor David Gerrard, CNZM, OBE

Professor Gerrard is a world-renown sports administrator and sports medicine specialist. He was a gold-medalist swimmer in the Commonwealth games and Olympic finalist. He often officiates Olympic and Commonwealth events and has been Chef de Mission for New Zealand at many world events. He is absolutely passionate about the pool project and is determined to bring it into reality.

irene2Chair: Irene Mosley

Irene Mosely was elected chair of the Trust in June 2015, to replace Michael Stedman who stepped down due to ongoing health issues. Irene has been leading community projects for over 30 years. Most recently she chaired the successful Neurosurgery Project as well as the leading the development and build of the very successful Clutha Recreation Centre community project. In 2004 she was awarded an honour from the Orangi Kaupapa Trust which recognises people who are significant to community in non-commercial sectors. Irene brings a wealth of community project and fundraising experience to the Trust and is determined to make this project another success.

Cherry Lucas (Deputy Chair)

Cherry comes from a background in council and has an array of responsibilities in the trust. She handles many of the trusts professional relationships and connections with council.


Eloise McGrath (Community Engagement Team)

Eloise is a mother of two and director of McGrath Benchtops in Mosgiel. She manages our community engagement team and is responsible for compiling the results of our consultation.


David Murphy (Design Team)

David Murphy is a long-time Mosgiel resident with a passion for swimming. He has a wealth of knowledge in aquatic complexes and is working with designers to integrate the latest technology in pool heating and management into a conceptual design.


Martin Dillon (Treasurer)

Martin has been a community board member for 16 years and is committed to the Mosgiel Community. He has worked with the council aquatic working party over the last several years and knows the whole pool project in detail.


Ken Whitcombe (Secretary)

Ken comes from a legal background and has taken on the secretarial role within the trust. He has been responsible for compiling all the existing council information and reports into aquatics on the Taieri.


Teresa Christie (Secretariat)

Teresa has been on the trust since its inception in 2005. She has a wealth of experience in community projects and fund-raising.


Geoff Woodcock (Funding Team)

Like Teresa, Geoff has been on the Trust since it began. He led the trust during the playground project and has experience in community projects and fundraising.


Board member: Michael Stedman, ONZM

Like David Gerrard, Michael Stedman comes from an incredibly successful background. He is most well known for his work in turning Natural History New Zealand into a world-leader in film. He brings a wealth of knowledge, insight and skill to the trust and is determined to make this project a resounding success.

Due to ill health, Michael has resigned from his position as chair and taken a back-seat role in the project.

Support and Presentation Team

The Trust is grateful for the tireless support of presentation team:

Sarah Nitis

Kitty Caldwell

Jolene Casey

Stefan Crawley


Chris Fraser

Vyv Hodgkin

Sue Johnstone

Janice Pont

Suze Hollander

Lisa Morrison

Margaret Scott